I can’t wait for you guys to watch me in The World Dwarf Games. I am gonna try my hardest to make ALL of America proud. Thank you for ALL of the love and support.




Hello World 2.0

Hello World! My name is Aidan. I am 10 years old. I like all of the things most 10 year olds like and some things they don’t. I really like sports (of course) and I enjoy hanging with friends. There’s not much that is different about me as from any other 10 year old kid except I’m a little person because I have achondroplasia. That means I have to do some things a little differently than other kids but I still get it done! 😉

My prior webpage was lost when my mom failed to back it up so we’re starting over. This time I’m going to be more active in the upkeep. I’m also going to share my adventures via my YouTube channel. I’ll give a little insight into our daily lives, let you see what my friends and I are up to, and I might even try to live stream some of the World Dwarf Games in August. Welcome to my new and improved web page. I hope you enjoy!